Florence Dome
Santa Maria del Fiore, built upon the ancient church of Santa Reparata, first under the instruction of Arnolfo di Cambio and then Giotto, is magnificently and beautifully erected at the centre of Piazza Duomo in Florence.

The magnificent façade, with two coloured marble, is made unique thanks to the architectural layout of the Bell, designed by Giotto and positioned differently to traditional bells.

The unusual positioning of the bell, aligned with the facade, reflects the desire to afford it great importance, as a sign of the strong verticality at the centre of the Insula Episcopalis, in addition to the likely practical necessity to free the view of the apses area for the large dome, which had been included in the plans since the first Arnolfo designs.
The large dome by Brunelleschi with a daring architectural shape and constructed in a totally revolutionary manner, is the largest frescoed dome surface.